Create a wall of interest with this abstract metal art. Delicate iron rods hold a variety of discs ranging in color and size. From steely gray to silvery blue and transitional gold tones, the overlapping circles create intriguing shadows on the wall. Crafted by hand, each round has its own unique color and finish and details. With artfully drawn spirals, tie-dye and random splash patterns, this sophisticated composition is designed to complement a range of rustic, modern and urban settings. Designed for wall mounting either vertically or horizontally using strategically placed loops on the back. Decorate any room with artful character, depth, and dimension. Made to accent a wide variety of spaces and color pallets, this inspired piece brings natural vibes to any wall.



  • Decorate any room fine and easy-going, this sculpture pairs easily with a variety of pallets and design themes
  • Always interesting, shadows that change with lighting bring depth and dimension to any wall

Product Details

  • Wall Mounting Hardware Included: Yes

Purposeful Distressing

  • Distressed Metal  (Metal is rusted or paint on metal has been purposely rubbed off.)

Abstract Metal Wall Décor

SKU: W002020374

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