Modern Seahorse Wall Décor has captured the minds and imaginations of people across all cultures for thousands of years. Seen as a symbol of good luck, strength, and safety, this unique and beautiful animal is as charming as it is mysterious. The artist captures the beauty of the seahorse with a raised fine, high shine, hand-painted finish, and elegant mother of pearl chest and forefront. The basic frame of the wall seahorse is created using tin, which is powder coated with a black finish. Capiz is an oyster shell and the primary purpose of the oyster is a source of food. However, the by-product, the shell, can be used for decoration. Due to it being a natural material, the natural colors of the capiz can come through as tans and browns.



  • The basic frame is created using tin, which is powder coated in a black finish
  • The frame is reinforced using wrought iron wire inner edge or outer edge


Product Details

  • Wall Mounting Hardware Included: No


Purposeful Distressing

  • Distressed Metal  (Metal is rusted or paint on metal has been purposely rubbed off.)

Metal Seahorse Wall Décor

  • Overall

    16'' H x 7'' W

    Overall Depth - Front to Back


    Overall Product Weight

    1 lb.

    Largest Dimension